The Issues

Environmental Issues

  • GenX Contamination of Water, Soil and Air
    Immediate action must be taken to cease the introduction of this cancer causing chemical into our environment. DuPont and its subsidiary, Chemours, must be held responsible for the chemicals released from its Fayetteville work plant. These corporations must be held accountable for the cost of removal from both the soil and the Cape Fear River water supply. Despite being aware of the release of the chemical GenX into the environment for years, the General Assembly continues to postpone their response. Sufficient funding to the Department of Environmental Quality, in spite of republican opposition, must be provided to address this environmental emergency.

  • Off-Shore Drilling
    I am vehemently opposed to oil and gas exploration in anticipation of off-shore oil drilling in the Mid-Atlantic region off the coast of North Carolina. The federal government’s plan to lease areas on the continental shelf to allow seismic blasting would be the first step to threaten commercial and recreational fishing. The potential impact on the fishing industry as well as tourism could be catastrophic. Not to mention how this could affect the delicate ecosystem including all types of coastal wildlife. The approval of any of these proposed actions must be met with a unified response by all levels of state and local government.

  • Atlantic Coast Pipeline
    I support the construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline Project. The natural gas pipeline will transverse eight eastern North Carolina counties bringing jobs and a much-needed energy source to our region. I am however, opposed to the Governor’s plan to establish a 57.8 million dollar fund using tax payer dollars that would be for research on renewable energy sources, economic development and repairing environmental damage. It must be the responsibility of the  Atlantic Coast Pipeline, LLC, the operator’s of the pipeline, to be financially prepared to address any negative environmental impact as a result of pipeline construction or operation. Research into sources of renewable energy should also be left to the innovation of the private sector.

Social Issues

  • Expansion of Grandparents Visitation Rights
    Legislation that would grant the judiciary more discretion in extending visitation rights to grandparents has been often proposed but as of yet has failed to be presented beyond committee. I am resolved to sponsor and/or co-sponsor a comprehensive bill which would give family court judges full discretion over the granting of visitation rights to grandparents based on individual circumstances. The continued disintegration of the bonds of extended family have been neglected for far too long.

  • Legislation for the Prevention of Companion Animal Abuse and Neglect
    The practice of tethering companion animals exposed to extreme elements has been allowed to endure far too long. Limitations on the length of time that companion animals can be exposed to the elements should be limited to a reasonable and humane timeframe. Housing companion animals outdoors without sufficient shelter and a temperature controlled environment is unacceptable. These new humane regulations should be applied to commercial breeders as well as pet owners. The penalties applied to puppy mill operators should be multiplied by the number of individual animals found to be neglected.  Despite years of promises by the incumbent State Senator, our representatives have failed to support any form of meaningful companion animal abuse legislation. 

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