I was born in New York City and raised on Long Island. I graduated Bethpage High School and attended New York Institute of Technology majoring in Behavioral Science/Criminal Justice. I was appointed to the New York City Transit Police Department in 1980. I was decorated on several occasions and made the rank of Lieutenant prior to my retirement. During this time I was married and raised two children. I eventually wound up in rural upstate New York. During that time I volunteered in several community and religious activities. I maintained a gentlemen’s farm, spent several years studying for the Roman Catholic Diaconate until my wife’s premature death from cancer.

I relocated to Brunswick County 5 years ago and married my high school classmate, Dorrie. I fell in love with this area; the beauty of the coast, the pristine beaches and the warm weather. I’ve been a member of the National Libertarian Party since January, 2003 and am currently the Chair of the Libertarian Party of Brunswick County. I’ve been involved in several political campaigns including two at the state senate level and town judiciary level. I’ve found the pressing issues of this area are both unique and often typical.